Estate Planning

Let our San Francisco Bay Area Estate Planning Attorney help you with the following:

Revocable Living Trust

Special Needs Trust

Will or Pour Over Will

Restatement of Trust

Advanced Healthcare Directive

Nomination of Guardianship

Power of Attorney

HIPPA Release

Conservatorships Guardianships

Our San Francisco Bay Area Probate and Elder Law Attorney can help you!

Conservatorship of the Person

Conservatorship of the Estate

Guardianship of the Person

Guardianship of the Estate

Elder Abuse

Restraining Orders for Elders

Restraining Orders for Minors

Stepparent Adoptions

Probate Litigation Trust Administration

Let our San Francisco Bay Area Probate Attorney Assist you with the following:

Probate with Will (Testate)

Probate without a Will (Intestate)

Administration of Trust

Heggstad Petitions

Spousal Property Petitions

Many Other Probate Petitions

Civil Litigation

Our San Francisco Bay Area Attorney can provide you assistance with your civil matter.  We work with clients Personal Injury Claims, Landlord Tenant Disputes, and Civil Rights Claims. If you have been injured or need assistance with defense, call our firm!

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